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Shadow of the OhshaD

Enjoy this collection of Arizona adventures, including jaguars, Apache dancers, lost treasure, crazed prospectors, ancient Native American civilizations and much more.  Author Gary Every investigates geology, flora, fauna and a landscape which has been home to a wide variety of people incuding mammoth hunters, conquistadors, farmers, soldiers, wanderers, empire builders, pranksters, lovers and fools.

Meet the cigar-chomping ghost of stagecoach bandit El Tejano.  Feel the earth tremble beneath your feet as you relive the great quake of 1887.  Dance to the pounding beat of Apache drums.  Join the O'odham as they harvest saguaro fruit to celebrate the New Year.  Enjoy the flowers as you climb Francis Hill to discover an illegal monument.  What soutwestern landscape would be complete without horses, so strap yourself into the saddle for an exciting literary ride.

The stories in Shadow of he Ohshad are the best from Mr. Every's thirteen years as a columnist writing for The Oracle newspaper out of Oracle, Arizona.  An award winning poet and storyteller some of the articles for which he has won Best Lifstyle Feature from the Arizona Newspaper Association such as Losing Geronimo's Language and The Apache Naichee Ceremony are found within its pages.


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